imageI have become a sign to many; you are my strong refuge.
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭71:7‬ ‭(NIV)



Have you ever thought of yourself as a signpost – either pointing people in the right direction (towards Christ), or in the wrong direction (into the world).

The psalmist realised that his life would either point people towards God, or away from him.  It is in the everyday things of life that people can see if our faith is real, has substance and actually changes our life in positive ways.

I’ve heard it said that people will ‘read the Christian’.  This means that they will watch Christians to see if what we say is matched up by how we live.  I don’t use the word ‘watch’ in any negative sense, but in the sense of us being observed.

My prayer for all who love Jesus is that our lives would indeed be signposts, pointing lost souls towards salvation in Christ.

Every blessing

Author: profsloan

The purpose of this blog is to encourage others to read the Bible daily and to grow in Christ. Each day I will generally publish a devotional or a reading for the day, together with a prayer.

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