God-focused Activity

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.  Psalm‬ ‭127‬:‭1‬ (NIV)

In churches it is sometimes easy to mistake the extent of activity for real blessing from God.  Many churches fill their calendars with meetings for this and that, and while on the surface busyness is evident, below the surface there may be a lack of growth in spirituality and holiness.  Not because people do not want it; more because they are too busy to spend quality time with God.  Additionally, many ministers and pastors find themselves so busy doing things, that they see their personal walk with God suffer.  Many churches wonder why with all the activity, God isn’t blessing their work in seeing people won for Christ and growing in Christ.

The verse above from Psalms doesn’t decry the builders working, nor the guards (watchmen) watching.  To get things built and to protect things needs activity.  The difference seems to be God-given activity and God-given protection.

So what can be done about this? Are we condemned to a church life that is a constant round of activity?    Congregations should be asking their church leaders if everything the ministerial team is doing is really necessary.  Do church leaders need to attend every meeting?  When asking congregational members to take on new tasks, church leaders should not be content with the answer ‘yes’ (no matter how much of a relief it is to hear an acceptance).  Leaders should also have the courage to ask how this new task might impact on their personal walk with God.  More activity is just that.  What we need is God-focused activity;  focused by God on the tasks he wants to bless.

Pray that God may reveal to you the activities you are involved in that he wishes to bless.  Focus prayer for your church that the Lord may build the house.  Make it your prayer for your city that the Lord may watch over it.

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