Be a blessing to your family

Then all the people left, each for their own home, and David returned home to bless his family.  1 Chronicles‬ ‭16‬:‭43‬ (NIV)

King David had settled in Jerusalem and he wished to bring the ark of God to the city, so that it was among the people.  Initially it was moved from Abinadab’s house at Kiriath Jearim to the home of Obed-Edom (a Levite) and it remained there for three months.

Imagine the scene when the ark was finally brought into Jerusalem.  There was much celebration and rejoicing, but more importantly there was also praise.

Once the celebrations were over, we are told in the verse above from 1 Chronicles 16 that the people went home.  David also returned home, but we are told that he ‘… returned home to bless his family.’  What a powerful image!  David had been wonderfully blessed during the celebrations.  However, he couldn’t keep it to himself.  He wanted to share with his family the blessing he had received.  King David’s excitement would probably have been evident to his family.  He could simply have chosen to keep quiet and enjoy the moment himself.  However, he chose to share it.

When you return home from meeting with God, have you ever taken the time to ‘bless your family’.  Perhaps you are reluctant because it might seem contrived, or forced.  Don’t be afraid to share what you have with your family.  Be a blessing to them.

Every blessing

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