You are allowed to be sad

Then shall the young women rejoice in the dance and the young men and the old men shall be merry.  I will turn their mourning to joy and give them gladness for sorrow.  Jeremiah 31:13 (NIV)

When we are in the middle of a distressing event (whether health, financial or personal), we often feel so distressed that we are sure we will always feel this way.  This verse from Jeremiah gives us hope in such situations.  We can know that not only are these feelings transient and will fade with time (notice ‘fade’ and not ‘disappear altogether’), but that God can and will turn us around.  The verse above from Jeremiah says – ‘I will turn their mourning into joy and give them gladness for sorrow’.

So don’t regret how you feel.  Being human means sadness at loss (of whatever kind).  Remember that God cares and will get you through.

Every blessing