Christmas may be over

Those of you who receive these posts by e-mail will probably  be reading this on 27th December.  Some others may be reading this as a catch-up after all the festivities.  Whenever it is I can be sure that after all the preparation for Christmas (and stress), it will now be a fading memory.

I hope as you reflect on your own Christmas, that it is filled with many happy memories and not too much sadness.  I know for many the loss of loved ones will be particularly raw at this time of year and the aching void cannot be replaced by anything other than that person.

If anything Jesus’ advent into this world shows us that God understands our humanity.  As a human baby, youth and adult man Jesus came to know the great joy that was to be found in families and friends.  But he also came to understand the grief that comes through loss.

I have decided to take a short break from writing these posts for a few days.  It is time for family and friends.  I’ll see you in 2019 for another exciting year looking into the Bible for challenges and encouragement.

Every blessing