Remembering what the LORD has done for us

So Moses told the Israelites to celebrate the Passover, and they did so in the Desert of Sinai at twilight on the fourteenth day of the first month. The Israelites did everything just as the LORD commanded Moses.
Numbers 9:4-5 (NIV)

Read:  Numbers 9:1-14

Consider: In Numbers 9 Moses tells the Israelites that the LORD had commanded them to celebrate the Passover.  This a reminder of what happened when the Israelites prepared to leave Egypt and how God passed over the Israelite houses and saved their firstborn sons from death (recorded in Exodus 12).  Notice what is said in Numbers 9:1-2 –  The LORD spoke to Moses in the Desert of Sinai in the first month of the second year after they came out of Egypt. He said, ‘Make the Israelites celebrate the Passover at the appointed time’.  It is clear that although it was only two years since they escaped from slavery in Egypt, they had forgotten what they were told about the Passover:  This is a day you are to commemorate; for the generations to come you shall celebrate it as a festival to the LORD – a lasting ordinance (Exodus 12:14).  

You wouldn’t have thought the Israelites would have been so quick to forget what God told them to do.  If at this point you are feeling superior by thinking you wouldn’t have forgotten, remember that Moses, Aaron, Miriam and 660,000 Israelites had escaped from Egypt and none of them had remembered to celebrate the Passover on the first anniversary of their escape.

God understands human nature very well, in that he knows how quick we are to forget his blessings towards us.  This is particularly easy when we have sought God’s help when facing some dire circumstances, only to forget it later when times are going smoothly for us.  This can be seen throughout the 40 years the Israelites wandered in the desert.  It is also evident in the history of the Israelites when they settled in the promised land.  

It would be wrong of us to think that we are really any different.  Just as God used the Passover as a reminder of what he had done for the Israelites, so we also need to be reminded of what God has done for us in sending his Son, Jesus Christ, to bring about our forgiveness.

Pray:  Father, may we not be quick to forget your blessings towards us. Remind us through your Word of how great your love is for us.  Amen

Every blessing